So, you’ve got a new team member on board. That’s great news. Your confident they are a great fit.

Everything is going well. But you’ve just realised that you now need to grow their diary, increase their client load, and improve them in many areas both personally and professionally.

The dilemma many health business owners face every time they bring on a new team member. Getting the marketing right of a new team member is crucial if your wanting success, especially if you’re wanting a fast successful and profitable start in the first few weeks.

The good news is there are several key strategies you can implement that will ensure much better success with initial marketing of the new team member as well as key improvements in their retention and relationship management moving forward.

Here is a great podcast with a discussion between 3 health business owners on the best ways and successful strategies to get the most benefit and fast start success for all new team members that come into your business.  

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