I’m not talking about a goose that lays golden eggs here, but something that is even more powerful to your business, right now. For so many business owners we keep getting told about return on investment and how easy it is to pay $50 for this one thing and get 50 appointments in return.

But unfortunately, the more you feed the beast, the more you have to feed the beast, and the more your actually just rebuying your own clients anyway.

But when you put a Golden Goose into play with your business, it turns the tap on for huge amounts of business growth and scale with little to no ongoing investment for yourself. It’s something we’ve done in our own health teams multiple times over the years, and it’s been very beneficial to the tune of 5 and 6 figure benefits on a yearly basis.

It’s also something we’re doing with huge success with our clients, right now and if you’re not focusing on the Golden Goose scenario for your business and team right now, then you really are losing out on one of the biggest and easiest ways to build and scale your business with the greatest amount of financial gain and ultimately the biggest amount of impact that your business can complete in the future.  

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