There are probably not many fairy tales that we can actually learn a great deal of business acumen from, but Goldilocks is definitely one of them.

After chatting with a few of my global mentors earlier this morning, it became abundantly clear that for all of us, we were out of alignment with our own Goldilocks pace.

The more I look at the health industry and my own clinic, the more I know this to be true. The vast majority of business owners and the leading entrepreneurial minds are probably the worst offenders and so having all of us better understand what our Goldilocks pace actually is and how to best find it is crucial for us to be able to achieve more success.

The best news is that its simple and easy to do but we just have to be accountable for actually doing it right now. Because the sooner we find our Goldilocks pace the sooner we’ll achieve more simplified and rapid success.

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