Everyone loves new technology and bright shiny objects.

But are they what you really need to be doing and implementing in your business right now?

Sure, there are fantastic sales people selling how amazing it is, how it’s a world-first and the unbelievable mind-blowing benefits of their technology and software that you just can’t live without …

But what are the 2 major negatives and cons that often, for health and medical businesses, outweigh the pros that were sold to them in the first place?

As business owners, we need to be savvy and understand that although software and technology can show a lot of promise, there are 2 major pitfalls that actually greatly outweigh there potential benefit and in this podcast we’ll quickly explain them and make sure you are empowered to make the right logical next step and decision in the best interest of yourself, your business, your team and your clients when thinking about implementing new software and technology.

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