BK8A5591Whilst many people shy away from uncomfortable and awkward situations, it is actually those who look for the uncomfortable situations that will always come out on top. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a major challenge for all of us but one that we must learn to master.

One of the fundamental realities is that dozens of times each and every week we are placed into potentially uneasy oruncomfortable situations. For some of us, it is something that we learn to embrace and enjoy whilst other people always seem to struggle with feeling more at ease in these situations. The challenge is ensuring that becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is a newfound skill that you must develop in order to succeed.

Being placed into uncomfortable situations makes us feel potentially awkward and unnatural in the way we may act, talk or respond. But the real benefit in these situations is the immense amount of learning and personal growth that you can obtain from becoming much better in these situations. It is always the people that feel more comfortable and more at ease in these potentially awkward situations that get the most from that opportunity or interaction.


A great example of feeling comfortable with uncomfortable situations can most easily be paralleled to people’s experience with public speaking and times where the focus is on themselves. The only way you are going to get better is by practicing and enabling yourself to learn and develop so that you become comfortable in these situations.  I have never been comfortable with public speaking but in the last few years I have found myself in an increasing number of situations where being placed on the spot, being asked for my opinion in front of large groups of people or impromptu speeches and presentations have now become a regular occurrence. It is the constant speaking to improve my own ability with these areas that seen me now become quite comfortable in these previously uncomfortable situations by enabling myself to grow and develop, work with mentors and learn from other people. This is just one example of the simple ways you can work with an uncomfortable situation and drive significant long term benefit from improving your ability and becoming at ease in these situations.

I would encourage you to welcome these often unplanned uncomfortable situations as a fantastic opportunity for you to learn and grow. It’s our ability to constantly be surrounding ourselves with positive areas of change and opportunities to grow and develop that will enable us to most effectively do just that.

So seek out these uncomfortable situations.  Or at least embrace them when you find yourself within them.  Always find a way to draw positive and be constantly on the lookout for ways in which you can extend yourself, learn from others and ultimately benefit as greatly as possible. These situations are always going to be unavoidable so you might as well become comfortable in the uncomfortable, knowing that you are one step further along your journey to success than not having that experience in the first place.