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In every moment of everyday as human beings we get to exercise the right to choose what type of life we are going to lead. Our life’s plan is not predetermined or carved into stone and hence, the ability to lead a great life, be a great person and leave a legacy by blazing your own trail are decisions that can only be determined by us.

As Jeff Olson, the author of the book The Slight Edge states, “Greatness is always in the moment of the decision.” It is ultimately the choices we exercise that will determine whether or not we will live a great life, be a great person or have a large bearing on the better good of society for the future.

Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign

Unfortunately, many people take the view that they do not have enough opportunity or procrastinate and wait for “that day” to come.  The problem with that mentality is that too many people are waiting for the winning ticket in the lottery but as humans we are all playing a game that isn’t actually a lottery.

Life is a game of many decisions that make up the big puzzle of our life. These decisions don’t come about by chance and they are certainly not a predetermined fate that we are following.

So stop waiting for your ship to come in. Stop waiting for that winning lottery ticket and start making small and positive decisions that move you towards the greatness that you deserve. It’s the small decisions everyday that all compound together to ensure the greatness of your decisions will always determine your direction.