Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall whilst some of the biggest companies make their first six-digit revenue? Or to hear about the challenges that are faced on the road to success? Not too long ago, a group of well-rounded entrepreneurs got together for the third annual Chicago Ideas Week and shared their achievements and struggles in the initial stages of creating their businesses. If you haven’t already seen or read it, I would be more than happy to share my appropriation of their pearls of wisdom.

1. Accept failure as part of the journey.
If you want a business that can survive through anything the external forces throw at you, then you must accept failure as a part of the journey. You may actually see these as blessings in disguise so that you can look back on, tweek and move forward. Think less about win or lose, and think more about win or learn.

2. Keep your eyes open for opportunities.
You hear this every business meeting, and late nights just trying to decipher what the next move is, but it will always hit home as the most clear idea for success. Sometimes opportunities can be so obviously infront of you, and they are neglected just for the pure fact that that there is a belief that the business isn’t ready. The truth is, the business is ALWAYS ready for openings. Opportunities are as plentiful as the doors you use to open them, just embrace it, otherwise you will be stuck in the same spot for a seriously long time.

3. When opportunity knocks, be ready for it.
This is the next step in a grand spectrum of putting new systems into place. When the opportunity presents itself, prepare yourself. If you are not readily prepared, then make some room, because any new prospects must always be greeted with open arms. You never know which one of these possibilities is YOUR niche of success.

4. There’s no set path to success.
This is the most integral step at all, as much as we can use that wonderful saying ‘the recipe for success.’ The truth is, there is no set path to accomplishment. There are many different roads you can take, some may be that jackpot wonderful green walk with the daisies, and some will be intertwined with constant hard work and trying times. Most of all, its not about which path you choose, its about listening to what Johnny Walker said when he told us to just ‘keep on walking.’