Every business in this generation is subject to a very new, exciting and extremely challenging environment, and like with many challenges, it is sometimes easier to just roll over and sink. Sadly enough, many companies are even getting to the point where simply surviving has become their daily mode of operation; I like to call this ‘hitting the wall.’ They cut their marketing budgets and lay off employees ALL because they are worrying about their bottom line rather than their customers.

What they don’t understand, is that the customer matters more than anything. And believe it or not, customers and clients aren’t as hard to reach as you might think.

The secret is, you just have to focus on the customer, and the customer only. It definitely isn’t new advice, but it resonates now more than ever. Good old fashioned business, works online and in social media, not because you’ve mentioned it 87 times, or because your pictures look appealing. It’s because it is directed and revolves solely around the customer, and assures them, that they are your number one priority in the company.

As a small business owner or even a corporation that is looking for some ‘revival’ to take place within your culture, you need to take a step back and remember how you got to where you are. Don’t forget what it was that initially made your clients choose your business over any other. Don’t forget the long nights coming up with unique ways to stand out and find that edge so that you customers feel special. These strategies last, even as everyone rolls over and cries ‘economic crisis!’

And if this small pep talk hasn’t helped get through to you as of yet, try these three strategies to grow your business instantly, by putting your focus back on the customer.

Have a conversation: Like it or not, we now live in the 21st century, and majority of your clientele WILL be technologically savvy. Instead of refusing the status quo, make it work for you. Utilise it, and it can be a secret weapon.

Media is an easy, inexpensive way to spread your business marketing to the masses. The one thing social media lacks, however, is being personal to each and every customer. This is where you come in. You cannot just depend on these automated tools to do the work for you. Don’t forget the beauty behind establishing a relationship with your customer, just like the old merchants of an old did many years ago over a countertop. If you can mix these two together, than you have a delicious recipe for success.

Hit the stationery store: Like we have said above, social media can tick just about all of the boxes for a successful marketing campaign, but it is just not personable. So send out a handwritten thank-you card, create personal incentives for your customer, entice them to HELP you bring on new clients, it makes them feel like a priority in the business, therefore making you’re business a priority to them also.
It is increasingly important be the sender they LOVE to receive mail from. Be the business that makes the customer excited to open emails, not the one that’s emails are forwarded straight to junk mail. Once you have achieved this, it means you have won, and your open rates will tell the rest.

Obsess about them: If you truly want to blow the socks off of your competitors, and not leave them with cold feet, then start obsessing about your customers. Stop worrying about your bottom line because the truth is, your customers ARE your bottom line, and if you begin to ignore them, then you have truely lost your lifeline.
This whole ‘being content with how far you have come’ after your business has plateaued out, is a better way of admitting defeat. It is a scheme and it just disables the entrepreneurial spirit that you obviously had when first deciding to step into the business world. Continue to pursue that dream inside you and everyone will benefit: the customer, the business and you.

Be more than a company, Your customers deserve it.