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Our Vision is Very Simple:

To positively influence the lives of 20 million Australians by the year 2025.

The Profitable Practice Philosophy is Simple:




When you know how to ATTRACT the right clients based on who you want to work with and your niche or specialties, you are then able to CONVERT those clients into raving fans by offering an amazing customer experience and then DELIVER your services and programs at greater scale with all of the necessary tools, systems, models and test and measure avenues needed to rapidly grow your Allied Health business into the company you deserve.

All of our material, models, templates and ready-to-implement structure is guaranteed to help you with these three elements using internationally awarded blueprints and signature systems and cutting edge proprietary strategies and tools.





Talk of the Town

Here’s what other leading Allied Health professionals in Australia are saying about The Profitable Practice.

Judith Bradford

As a mentor, Jason has helped me establish, develop and grow my EP business. He has amassed a vast amount of knowledge and experience that he shares willingly and without question. Jason lives and breathes his philosophy of ‘Empower and Inspire Lifestyle Abundance’ through his actions and his impact on my business and my life has been ever lasting.

– Judith Bradford

Sebastian Buccheri

Jason Pilgrim is the go to person for business development and empowering allied health professionals to achieve their goals. He is always willing to help and provide support and no task is too big for him. I would highly recommend Jason to any up and coming health professional embarking on the self-employment journey…

– Sebastian Buccheri

Chief of Exercise Physiology | Victorian Rehabilitation Centre

ESSA National Director | Exercise Physiology

Nicole French

Jason’s work to improve the Australian health landscape is truly inspiring. His dedication to empower business owners in the allied health industry is facilitating the growth and development of hundreds of businesses nationally…

– Nicole French

Owner | Exercise for Rehabilitation & Health

Owner | Essendon Physio Group – Diabetes Victoria Spokesperson

Brent Collier

Business growth and future success is guaranteed if you follow Jason’s proven strategies, systems and business acumen. His experience and genuinely passionate nature is to be admired. Jason and his amazing team are always supportive and driving your business forward in every way possible.

– Brent Collier

Owner | Peak Health

Founder | Short Circuit Cancer Charity – ESSA Fellows Award 2013

Emily Balam

The Global Kaizen Group has a wealth of knowledge regarding the allied health industry and the most effective way for businesses grow within the health systems of Australia. He has been incredibly helpful with my speech pathology practice and always is full of great advice and amazingly insightful tips. I highly recommend him for all allied health private practitioners!

– Emily Balam

Owner | Speak About Speech Pathology

Duncan White

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to The Global Kaizen Group at the very beginning of my business journey. Thanks to his help I was able to rein in, direct and focus my enthusiasm. With his help I have a clear sense of purpose around my professional and business goals which has lead me to be more productive, happy and most importantly, positively effect more peoples lives. I’m very grateful for his direction and mentoring, I know my journey of 1000 steps has started in the right direction.

– Duncan White

Owner | Transcend Health





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Here’s what other leading Allied Health professionals in Australia are saying about The Profitable Practice.

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